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SectionPriceTickets Requested
25790897309 CLSC Member
CLSC Members Ticket Price - Remember to enter your CLSC number we will check!
£35.00 £0.00
25790997309 CLSC Non Member
Non Member of CLSC
£45.00 £0.00
25791097309 Junior (under 16 15/6/19)
You must be under 16 on the 15/6/19 You also must be accompanied by an adult
£0.00 £0.00
25791197309 Non Flyer
You will not have a flying wristband but are allowed to camp
£25.00 £0.00
25791297309 CLSC Membership with Ticket
This is a short term offer of purchasing your CLSC Membership and a reduced Beach Vibes ticket
£75.00 £0.00
25791397309 Friday Day Pass
If you are not a member but would like to fly on the Friday, you will need a day pass as this is NOT part of the event, limited tickets
£10.00 £0.00
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Event Details

Beach Vibes is bought to you by the team that gave you the successful NoBarriers events, the biggest land sailing event in the country for over the last 6 years. It is run by members of Carmarthenshire Land Sailing Club (CLSC) for the land sailing communities be that Kite Buggies, Land Boarding, BloKarts, X-Sails or Mini Land Yachts, you are ALL welcome to come and enjoy this event running on the June 15th and 16th 2019. Beach Vibes event name comes from the fact that we want to go back to the roots of just enjoying the vibes of being on the beach and having fun, so come along and join us on the 6 miles of hard sand at Pembrey. Your weekend ticket includes 2 nights of camping (Friday / Saturday) and insurance to fly the fantastic beach on the Saturday and Sunday. 

Please note that flying on the Friday is limited numbers as it is not part of the event, you will need to purchase a day pass if you are not a CLSC member and sign in, day passes are limited in numbers also we cannot control the weather and no refunds will be given if the weather is against us.